Aluminum Disinfection Box

The anodized magnesium aluminum sterilization box, for storing and sterilizing any type of surgical instruments, it is safety, economy and high efficiency in the collection, sorting, disinfection, sterilization, storage and transportation of surgical instruments. It is an ideal choice for users to update the sterile packaging materials. The aluminum sterilization box is specially treated to withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization, and it can also be sterilized by low-temperature plasma.

At the same time, silica gel pad and clamping strip can be selected to add better protection to the instruments to be disinfected and prevent the damage of precision instruments caused by impulse impact. The accessories are non-toxic and reliable, pure silicone material, meet RoHS and FDA standards, The silicone strips are soft, damping impact and resistance Easy to store, clear fragment items,,Able to withstand -40 degrees Celsius TP 250 degrees of steam and water high or low temperature desinfection.

Depending on the different design, there are a variety of spatial structures. According to the classification of disinfection methods, there are immersion disinfection, low-temperature plasma disinfection, and high-temperature and high-pressure disinfection. According to the classification of names, there are roughly the following: laparoscopic set disinfection box, resectoscope set disinfection box, hysteroscopy disinfection box, laryngoscope set disinfection box, cystoscope disinfection box, Endoscope set disinfection box, arthroscope disinfection box, nephroscope sterilization case etc.


  Name  Specification ( L x W x H )  Color
 Resectoscope sterilizer box  42.5×28.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
 Laparoscope sterilizer box  54×24×8cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized
 Laryngoscope sterilizer box  44×21.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
 ENT Sinuscope sterilizer box  35.5×26×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  PTED Scope sterilizer box  40.5×14.5×7cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Cystoscope sterilizer box  50.5×23.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Ureterorenoscope sterilizer box  66×15×8cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Percutaneous nephroscope sterilizer box  45×20×7cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Endoscope sterilizer box  27×9×4.5cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Soft lens sterilizer box  60×30×10cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized