Laparoscope Sterilizer Trays, Surgical Scope Autoclave Disinfection Box

Products Mode: KSC-DB
Material: Aluminum magnesium alloy
Thickness: 2mm
OEM & ODM: Welcome
Size: 54*24*8cm, Cusomized
Color: Silver, Black, Cusomized
Logo: OEM
Type: Scope sterilization trays
Application: laparoscope/cystoscope/resectoscope/uteroscope
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Warranty: 1 year
Features: Autoclave/Ethylene Oxide/Dry heat 320°F (160°C)/Cold solution
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
Port: Ningbo
Delivery: About 4 weeks after 30% payment
Min. Order: 200pcs
Payment: 30% deposit, balance of 70% before shipment
Packaging: Bubble Bag + Carton, Customized

Laparoscopic Sterilization Box

 * ADVANCED CHAMFERING PROCESS---All the sharp edges and corners are chamfered to symmetrical sloping surface, than maximum limit the damage to other instruments and the doctors in the workplace.

 * Non-toxic and tasteless

 * Pure silicon material

 * Meet RoHS standard

 * Soft, damping

 * Impact resistance, easy to store, clean fragile items.

 * Able to withstand 40 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees of steam and water high and low temperature disinfection

  Name  Specification ( L x W x H )  Color
 Resectoscope sterilizer box  42.5×28.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
 Laparoscope sterilizer box  54×24×8cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized
 Laryngoscope sterilizer box  44×21.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
 ENT Sinuscope sterilizer box  35.5×26×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  PTED Scope sterilizer box  40.5×14.5×7cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Cystoscope sterilizer box  50.5×23.5×9cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Ureterorenoscope sterilizer box  66×15×8cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Percutaneous nephroscope sterilizer box  45×20×7cmSilver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Endoscope sterilizer box  27×9×4.5cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized
  Soft lens sterilizer box  60×30×10cm
Silver, Black, Blue, Customized